The Collaborative Product Analytics
Crest connects everyone in the analytics process so teams can deliver lovable products, faster.
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Analytics that doesn't feel like a hassle
⌘K Command
☾ Dark and Light
🤖 Workflow Automation
Unlike any other analytics you've used. From Keyboard shortcuts to realtime updates, analyze product data in a speed of thought.
Answer any product question within seconds.
❓ Where and why do users drop off?
💯 How much retention rate is good for us?
💸 Why did they purchased this product?
❤ Who's our best user?
⭐ What is our northstar metric?
🔥 What happened to our retention?
Build lovable products with user insights. Uncover popular features, identify power users, and improve retention through behavior analysis.
Workflow for modern software teams
Bring all your team perspectives, expertise and skills in the same page. Iterate product faster with confidence.